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DongGuan YangTong Electronics CO.LTD

Selling Lead

Sell soft core PQ3535 PQ3230 PQ3220 PQ2620 PQ2625

[ Updated: 2014/01/30 ]
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Sell soft core PQ3535  PQ3230 PQ3220 PQ2620 PQ2625

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The Company was established in June 2000 on electronic town - Shijie; Dongguan Yang Electronic Co., Ltd production scale, technical ability, has a highly skilled technical, managerial talent.Is a professional electronic transformer skeleton, core, magnetic processing and service in one joint-stock Limited, The development and design on behalf of clients can be all kinds of precision molds.These include (EE EEL EF EFD EP EPC EQ PQ POT RM UU UYF UI FT ET UT EER ERL ETD EI GU pot size, etc.
Company area of 4,000 square meters.Have management, marketing, purchasing department, manufacturing department, materials, quality control, engineering a total of seven major departments; more than 180 employees, and according to ISO9001: 2008 international quality management system standard implementation of systematic management,customers enjoy a high reputation.
Company framework for electronic transformers, magnetic core, magnetic processing of the production process strictly, with layers of QC, the whole process to the idea of human control operations to take good quality and after-sales service market, has won praise from industry peers.
We are adhering to the "full quality control, quality service, to provide customer satisfaction products; prevention, continuous improvement, the goal of zero defects." This business philosophy, honesty, hard service, were lean cooperation, innovative breakthroughs, dedicatedprovide high quality products.In the quality and quantity, based on timely completion of the task entrusted to us customers to achieve customer satisfaction and mutually beneficial win-win situation.
We sincerely welcome all friends for your patronage.We will sincerely serve you would like to sincerely cooperate with you for a better future!
The company also requested by guests inductance ground, the company many years of very high precision grinding, can be controlled within + / -3 Pa within the factory for many years. Specifications, quality assurance, price conc
Quantity 9000000
Price 0.1-0.3
Valid Until 2015/01/30

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