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W.T.Capital LTD (Hong Kong)

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Providers will not solicit, clients has to apply first with documents (POF/BCL/any evidence he is RWA for a solution)


I have several direct program/Provider FYI 1% buyer side open for you

Leasing (all issuing from top WEB)
1) BG/SBLC Min 10M, 8+2, client pay escrow 150K, provider MT799, client ICBPO MT 103-23 or 799, provider MT760, client pay and provider hard copy
2) BG/SBLC Min 100M, 6+2 (8+2 for min 50M, 10+2 for Min 10M), provider RWA fax, client pay bank charge , provider send MT760, client within 20 banking days pay leasing fee
3) BG/SBLC Min 500M, 6+2, client send ICBPO MT799 or MT103/23, provider send MT760 (MT799 optional)
4) BG/SBLC Min 500M Max 2B, 8+2, client bank draft at provider name cover leasing fee and commission, scan copy and bank confirmation letter to provider, provider MT760, client send bank draft or direct pay

BG sell Min 10B
2) 45+2, buyer MT799 POF, seller MT799, (or start with ICBPO) Buyer ICBPO MT799 or MT103/23, seller MT760, buyer pay
2) 50+2, provider send plain text RWA email (no letterhead and sign) from bank secure mail server, client send ICBPO MT799 or MT103/23 for first tranche, provider send MT760, client pay
3) 42+2, client send bank lodge confirmation, provider RWA by bank secure email/fax, client pay bank charge, seller MT760, client pay

Monetizing program
min 10M, client send MT799 with copy to provider, provider send MT103/23, client MT760, provider pay, LTV upto 85%, one page executive summary with budget.

Managed buy/sell
min 350M cash or instruments, client send fund block by MT760 or Min1B by MT799, send swift copy signed by 2 bank officers and receiving bank answerback together to platform, within 72 hours of confirmation of the fund block, platform pay 1~3%, then followed by 150% per week for 6 weeks total 10 times in 30 banking days, followed by 40 weeks program.

W.T.Capital at hotmail dot com

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  -   Consulting   >>   Business Services
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icon Registration Date   2008/06/20 (Year/Month/Date)
icon Buyer / Seller in EC21   Both
icon Business Type   Trading Company
icon Year established   2008
icon Employees total   1 - 5
icon Annual revenue   More than 100,000,000

Contact Infomation
icon Company W.T.Capital LTD (Hong Kong)
icon Address 1009 Lowry Ave NE Shanghai Shanghai 55418 China
icon Phone 86 - 186 - 53212518
icon Fax 86 - 021 - 2261918
icon Homepage
icon Contact Jeff Liu / President