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Inter-Kor, Inc.
Surgical Apparatus & Aesthetic Equipment

Beauty and Skin Care Equipment, Hair Removal Laser EVO-808

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Beauty and Skin Care Equipment, Hair Removal Laser EVO-808

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 Origin Korea
 Model Number EVO-808



- Optical energy : 1~50J/cm2 adjustable. 1J/cm2 step

- Pulse duration : 350ms Max.

- Continuance Wave rate : 1~4Hz, adjustable. 1Hz step

- Pulse Wave rate : 5~10Hz adjustable. 1Hz step

- Cooling system : Water cooling

- Optical guide : sapphire crystal

- Laser spot area : 14mm ×10mm



- Use is simple

- There is not an ache

- Become -5℃ coolings which are affixed in handpiece

- The regulation cap effect which is positive

- The energy is delivered and until cutis bed depth remakes augments cola keyn and a whole skin elasticity.

   (Wrinkle/eye rim fine wrinkle/skin pore/sprouted, will live)

- Becoming HR, (Hair Removal) Preheating pulse type which are the possibility. Regulation cap possible region

   : Arm and leg hair

   : Narrow forehead hair

   : The hair which is to the face

   : Bikini line outside hair

   : Breast region hair


Origin : Made in Korea



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icon   Minimum order none

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